“OPT OUT” Fundraiser

 OPT OUT Fundraiser Form 2018 – 2019 

A letter from our PTO president:

Dear AHS Parents, 
By now, you may have already seen the viral internet post of a fundraiser letter the PTO designed for school this year which was to be distributed after the school year began.
I created this the night before Meet The Teacher and obviously I didn’t proofread very well as it contained some embarrassing grammatical errors.  While only a handful of parents stopped by the table to take a form, it was then posted by an AHS parent on Facebook (Thanks, Briana Woods!!) and has now been shared over 35,000 times from the original post and has amassed over 2500 comments from people all over the country. It was also featured on AL.com, the OA News and Auburn City School web page! Check it out here:
 And now national news has picked up the story, see the Fox News tweet below:
 Well, now it’s your turn to see the letter (revised for distribution). I hope you will appreciate our humor and consider supporting the AHS PTO with any donation, great or small. Let’s show the nation how it should be done!
 Historically, the AHS PTO has had the smallest percentage of any school in the district, even though we have the largest enrollment. We also raise the smallest amount of money compared to any other PTO in our school system,  but we have the largest number of teachers who need support just the same as our elementary and middle schools.
ALL proceeds will 100% benefit Auburn High School by providing much needed teacher grants, and to show our appreciation and support for the Teacher/Staff/Administration of Auburn High School throughout the year.
You can return this form to the school with your donation OR you can pay PTO dues and make a donation on My School Bucks.
Please enjoy our tongue-in-cheek attempt to raise money for our wonderful Auburn High School!
Many thanks,
Emmy Sorrells
AHS PTO President 2018-19
Your PTO Board for 2018-19  Bethany Merritt, VP/ Jennifer Harper, Treasurer